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GM Home Inc.

Marat Tsirelson is the Co-Founder of GM Home Inc., a private equity fund that concentrates their investments on residential real estate development, non performing assets and distressed residential real estate.

GM Home Inc. is a Philadelphia based builder that specializes in targeting properties in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, as well as Southeast Florida for various development opportunities. As the cofounder, Marat Tsirelson focuses on the acquisition of both houses and land. Together, Tsirelson and the GM Home Inc. team purchase dilapidated homes and completely rehab them from the ground up. Another sector of GM Home Inc. is mixed use and condominium development, they also specialize in private home building. With over 15 years of experience, Marat Tsirelson and the professional team guide you through the entire process.

Marat Tsirelson and his team truly care about their client’s wants and needs, and do whatever it takes to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Every home built, bought, or sold down to every last conversation is held to the utmost integrity and honesty with the GM Home Inc. team.

GM Home, Inc. has succeeded for 8 years in every part of the real estate market cycle, including several downturns. They have developed all the resources needed to accomplish their objectives ranging from property acquisition, access to distressed inventory, legal expertise, design, planning, construction, code compliance — all the way through to marketing, selling, and closing on the sale of the property.

As the cofounder of GM Home Inc., Marat Tsirelson’s responsibilities include operations as well as asset valuation and acquisitions. Apart from his work with GM Home Inc., Marat is also an integral part of The Lending Group team. The Lending Group is a full service Direct Mortgage Lender, lending on both Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

GM Home Inc.

Specializing in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks counties in Pennsylvania

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