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Are you in the process of buying a home and thinking about skipping the inspection process? If yes, that begs the question: Do you think you know enough about the house to get by without an expert home check? Below, I explain five reasons why you should always keep the appointment.

A home inspection lets you know what you’re buying

Although you grew up down the street from your dream home, do you really know what the plumbing is like there? Are you sure there are no foundation issues? Some problems are not easy to see. It may require taking down a panel, looking behind the drywall, or climbing up into the attic. If you do not have the same experience as an inspector, then you could cost yourself more than the $300 or $500 that you will pay for the inspection in terms of surprise emergency repairs.

The inspection pays for itself over time

Suppose you pay for a home just to find out in two years that you need new plumbing because the other system is rotting; a home inspection would have saved you the trouble by alerting you to this issue before purchasing, so you have the chance to move on to another home if you want. The cost savings are enormous, especially relative to repairs on the entire house.

Have the seller pay for maintenance and repair issues

Why pay for home repairs just as you’re moving into the place? Use the home inspection report to get the seller to fix broken sidewalks and leaky roofs, for example. Make sure the problems are small with a proper inspection, says All Connect.

You will have better pricing ground to negotiate

When you know what a home needs before you buy, you can negotiate a more favorable closing price. Veteran’s United says you can use the home report to point out flaws that should reduce the overall property cost. Home inspection reports are leverage.

Home inspections give you the life expectancy of major house systems

Do you know how long the roof will last on the house you want to buy? A home inspection can give you that information. See how long the furnace should last along with other key appliances.

Home inspections provide many benefits. You can save money in the short and long term with the right inspector. Before signing, consider what you do not know without a home checkup.